Color Zone Tropicals, Inc.

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Color Zone Tropicals, Inc.

Owner Grant Groves took a fancy to growing bromeliads at an early age while still in elementary school. He joined the Bromeliad Society of Central Florida (BSCF) when he was in high school and was for many years the youngest member. At that time he also began his first hybridizing. He worked at Bamboo Nurseries, which was famous for it's patented philodendron hybrids, but also grew bromeliads. Later, Grant managed Bert Foster's nursery, Tropical Arts, for 21 years. He started Color Zone Tropicals, Inc. in 1996 after the close of Tropical Arts. Color Zone Tropicals is widely known for their colorful Neoregelia Hybrids, many of which are grown commercially worldwide, and top quality Guzmania hybrids grown for the interiorscape trade.

We take great pride in our products and service and as a relatively small operation we are careful to provide personal service and that extra touch that makes our plants outlast the others!

We look forward to serving your bromeliad needs. Please feel free to stop by and check us out anytime, but please call us so we can meet in person when you do!